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Message from the Premier

Premier - David Bartlett

The 2009 State Budget is about jobs, both now and for the future.

We know that jobs support families and build communities and the more money we can inject right now into the Tasmanian economy, the more we can help to keep Tasmanians in work.

That is why we are investing in a massive infrastructure program in this Budget.

We are building and updating schools so that we can lift Tasmania’s educational performance to the top of the nation within a decade.

Together with the Commonwealth, we are investing in roads, rail, and telecommunications infrastructure, so that we have a 21st century transport system capable of not only moving goods swiftly, but moving information and innovative ideas across the world literally within the blink of an eye.

And we are building 8 new Child and Family Centres – to help break the poverty cycle and support Tasmanian families by attacking the causes of poverty and not just treating the symptoms.

Those are the investments that will connect Tasmanians economically with the world, and socially with each other, in the years ahead – and this Budget underpins that vision.

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Message from the Treasurer

Treasurer - Michael Aird

The 2009-10 Budget focuses on growing the Tasmanian economy through strong financial and economic management.

A massive infrastructure investment program of $3.9 billion over the next four years - including investment in education, health and community facilities, housing, roads and rail - will drive economic growth, support jobs and meet ongoing community needs.

During these tough economic times, this Government continues to support jobs and maintain the delivery of essential services to the Tasmanian community.

The global financial crisis has had a significant adverse impact on Tasmania’s Budget. The dramatic decline in revenue is unprecedented.

The Government is taking strong action to minimise the impact of the global recession on the State's financial position. A range of strategies have been implemented to guide Tasmania through these challenging economic times and achieve Budget savings of $760 million over four years. Difficult decisions have been necessary to achieve these essential Budget savings.

A new Interim Fiscal Strategy will direct our efforts towards returning Tasmania’s budget to surplus in 2012-13.

We will do this without going back into general government net debt, without increasing taxes or raising fees and charges, and without sacrificing key government services.

This Budget is a responsible and disciplined response to the global financial crisis.

The 2009-10 Budget supports jobs and ensures Tasmania is well positioned for a global economic recovery.

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