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Jim Cox

Jim Cox
Jim Cox is a proud, fifth-generation Tasmanian who grew up and spent most of his 25-year career in radio and television in his native Launceston. During his broadcast career, Jim, a four time logie winner, learned that to be successful, you need to be able to communicate your ideas but you also need to be able to listen and to keep strong links with the community.

Since first entering Parliament as a representative for Bass in 1989, Jim has remembered that lesson and prides himself on being approachable and actively interested in many community organisations, schools and sporting groups.

During his 14 years in State Parliament, Jim has served in a range of portfolio areas, including chairing committees and holding the position of deputy speaker before becoming a Cabinet Minister in 2002. Through all that time, he has been committed to representing the views of ordinary Tasmanians and making Tasmania a better place. “I have a goal for Tasmania to be economically strong and a place where all Tasmanians feel safe, happy and confident of their ability to achieve their full potential, " he said.  “That is why I am proud to have been part of the Labor Government which has given us records jobs growth, record levels of business confidence and made Tasmania the safest state in the nation.”

“Being appointed inaugural Chair of the Tasmanian Road Safety Council in 1999 really strengthened my belief in the importance of road safety. I am proud that during my term as Infrastructure Minister, I had responsibility for introducing our new Road Safety Strategy. Implementing the strategy will save lives and make Tasmania a world-leader in road safety practice.”

As Minister for Police and Emergency Services and also Minister for Local Government, I am committed to continuing our remarkable role in making Tasmania the safest state in Australia and also being the first to establish partnership agreements with local government.

Tasmania Police has produced exceptional results since Labor first came into office in 1998. There has been a 45% decrease in the number of recorded offences in that period, with the amount of crime solved having increased from 17% to 44%. A remarkable achievement.

To date, we have been able to achieve this well-earned status through having Australia’s finest police service. The number of police officers in the State now exceeds 1200.

The Tasmania Together Crime Challenge is a 50% reduction in crime by the year 2020 and we are already well on the way to meeting this challenge.

The State Emergency Service continues to be responsive to community needs in times of disaster, whether they be floods, fires or people lost in the wilderness. This wonderful response is assisted by the valuable commitment and community spirit of some 580 voluntereers.

The Tasmania Fire Service continues its innovative and efficient statewide service that protects life, property and the environment from the impact of fire and other emergencies. The service works as an integrated team committed to achieving our goal of a safe Tasmania and is ably supported by some 4500 volunteers.

Tasmanians should be confident that the Bartlett Labor Government will continue to protect and enhance Tasmania's unique lifestyle by supporting and developing police and emergency management right around the State.


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