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Good Neighbour Charter

REPRESENTATIVES of the forestry industry signed a new Good Neighbour Charter aimed at promoting cooperation and increased communication by the industry with stakeholders and neighbours.

The charter was developed by Forestry Tasmania and the Forest Industry Association of Tasmania and was signed by representatives from Forestry Tasmania, Gunns Ltd, Norske Skog Boyer Mills, Timberlands Pacific, Forest Enterprises Australia and Great Southern Plantations.

It has also been endorsed by forestry, farming and tourism organisations and the Local Government Association of Tasmania.

Forestry Tasmania managing director Bob Gordon said the original charter had been published in 2000 and a review had been undertaken over the past two years in consultation with forestry companies, local government, regional authorities and farming and tourism groups.

“The Good Neighbour Charter has been developed to provide guidelines so proper lines of communication are in place to ensure forestry operations have the backing and cooperation of those whom the operations may affect,” he said.

“This charter is all about mutual trust and respect, and reinforces the requirements of the Forest Practices Code.”

Mr Gordon said the charter would lead to better relations with stakeholders and neighbours and would improve communication with them about:


“The charter also increases awareness of the need to protect tourism and landscape values and of the importance of safety on roads,” Mr Gordon said.


“There is a strong emphasis on the necessity of consulting with neighbours on development of new plantations, control of pests and weeds, planned burns, shading and boundary fences


“It also deals with looking after the environment, managing fire risk, as well as consideration of recreational values and issue resolution.


“This charter not only encourages best practice in the forestry industry but also positions the industry as a good corporate citizen, taking into account the needs of others.”

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