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AFS Public Summary Reports

In November 2006, Forestry Tasmania was successfully re-certified against the Australian Forestry Standard after a stringent audit.

Following this audit, FT's Managin
g Director Mr Bob Gordon accepted Forestry Tasmania’s new Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) certificate from Mr George Edwards, Chairman of SAI Global.

Following our re-certification in November, a surveillance audit was recently conducted. The summary from this audit may be accessed by clicking on the link below.

Open AFS CertificateAFS Certificate 2010 [416kb]

Open AFS Public Summary Report 2007AFS Public Summary Report 2009 [1,229kb]

At the certificate presentation in November 2006, Mr Gordon said SAI Global’s AFS audits were particularly rigorous.

“ Clearly we would not have achieved re-certification had we failed to meet any of the criteria. But the beauty of these ‘warts and all’ AFS audits is that they provide us with suggestions about how we can do things better.”

“The AFS is now endorsed by the international Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC) - the world’s largest forest certification programme. The British Government has also recently formally recognised the PEFC and its constituent members and just this week Germany has followed suit,” Mr Gordon said.

“The AFS and these international endorsements are extremely important in assuring our local, national and international customers that timber purchased from Tasmanian State forests has been harvested in compliance with the strictest internationally-bench-marked environmental controls.”

Mr Gordon said that as a result of the audit, FT would be looking at the following areas for further improvement:

Public participation and ‘good neighbour’ relationships

“Over the past six months FT has put considerable effort into improving this area of the business and our plans to change the processes of stakeholder engagement with more structure around core issues will ensure there is improvement.”

Fire Action Plans

“FT’s Fire Management branch has been previously thoroughly audited and has good processes and procedures in place, including District Fire Action plans. However there is room for improvement with District fire management plans needing updating. Our internal audit processes have also identified this area for attention.”

Ecosystem Health and Vitality

“We have made significant progress in reducing the use of chemicals by ceasing the use of 1080 for controlling mammal browsing. Reporting to enable early detection of forest health problems needs attention and more formal guidance for District staff in dealing with issues is also required.”

Wedge Tailed Eagles

“The audit found that excellent precautions are in place to manage WTE nests, particularly during the breeding season.

However, SAI Global has made the point that maintaining awareness amongst staff of eagle nests will always be an ongoing challenge. FT staff must be continually advised on making sure they carry out any activity, in a manner that minimises any potential impact on eagles.”

Mr Gordon said the audit concluded that Forestry Tasmania continues to meet the criteria required to comply with AFS certification requirements. Progressive developments have ensured continual improvement and there are excellent development programs in place across the organisation.

Information about the Australian Forestry Standard:

The objectives of the AFS which is now endorsed internationally by the Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC) are to: provide Australian and overseas consumers with an independent, internationally recognised third-party certification scheme for forest management in Australia; and promote a culture of 'continuous improvement' of the sustainable forest management practices in Australia.