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Short Walks

Walks range from ten minute easy strolls along duckboard platforms, with disabled access, to week-long hikes requiring strenuous effort and careful planning.

Whichever type you choose please sign in wherever logbooks are provided and always let someone reliable know how long you plan to be.

Bushwalking is a wonderful way to take in the scenic beauty of the forest environment. Along the way you are likely to see and hear a range of native animals and birds. What you experience will depend on the time of day and precisely where you are, so wherever you walk should provide you with new delights.

Tasmania’s weather can be very unpredictable and can change suddenly. Never venture far from your car without a warm coat - even on fine days.

Track Class & Length
Liffey Falls Class 2 - 0.9km GSW North
Meander Falls Class 5 - 5.0km GSW North
Meander River/Split Rock Class 3 - 15 min. North
Stoodley Class 3 - 1.2km North
Warrawee River Walk Class 3 - 1.0km North
Hollybank Class 2 - 1.2km GSW North East
Ralphs Falls Class 2 - 2.5km GSW North East
Cuckoo Falls Class 3 - 2.5km North East
Evercreech Class 2 - 1.0km GSW North East
Sandspit Rainforest Class 2 - 0.8km East
Meetus Falls Class 3 - 0.6km East
Lost Falls Class 2 - 0.7km East
Tahune Forest AirWalk Class 1 - 1.3km GSW Southern
Huon Pine Class 2 - 1.3km Southern
Keoghs Creek Class 2 - 0.7km GSW Southern
Duckhole Lake Class 2 - 2.1km GSW Southern
Mt Mangana Class 3 - 1.8km Southern
Styx Big Tree Class 2 - 1.0km Central
Styx River Walk Class 2 - 1.0km Central
Wedge Nature Trail Class 2 - 1.0km Central
Victoria Valley Falls Class 4 - 0.4km Central
Teepookana Class 3 - 2.5km GSW West
Montezuma Falls Class 2 - 4.8km GSW West
Swan Basin Class 3 - 0.6km West
Julius River Class 3 - 1.1km North West
Milkshakes Hills Class 3 - 2.2km North West
Dip Falls Class 3 - 0.7km North West


Walking Track Classification System

Class 1
  • Opportunity for large numbers of visitors to undertake walks with a high level of interpretation and facilities
  • Generally a broad, hard surfaced track suitable for wheelchair use.
  • Well marked with directional and interpretation signs.
  • Good facilities at start of track.
Class 2
  • Opportunity for large numbers of visitors to walk easily in natural environments with moderate levels of interpretation and facilities.
  • Generally a good standard hard surfaced track with minimal steps.
  • Well marked with directional and interpretation signs.
  • Good facilities at start of track.
Class 3
  • Opportunity for visitors to walk in slightly modified natural environments where the provision of interpretation and facilities is not common.
  • Generally a good standard track that may be hard surfaced in places and steps may be common.
  • Marked with directional signs and limited interpretation signage.
  • May have some facilities at start of track.
Class 4
  • Opportunity for visitors to explore relatively undisturbed natural environments along defined tracks with minimal (if any) facilities.
  • Defined or distinct track without major modification to surface.
  • Minimal signage for directional purposes.
  • May have some facilities at start of track.
Class 5
  • Opportunity for visitors with outdoor knowledge to find their way along indistinct tracks in more remote relations.
  • Natural surface with limited modification to surface.
  • May be steep in sections and indistinct in places.
  • Minimal signage for directional purposes.
  • Limited if any facilities at start of track.