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Tasmania’s State forests are blessed with an abundance of fresh rivers, streams and waterfalls.

Great care is taken in keeping these systems clean and the Forest Practices Code ensures strict streamside reserve policies apply to all classes of streams.

From the highest waterfalls in the State to gentle cascades to plummeting shoots down cliffs, there is a waterfall to suit everybody’s passion in our beautiful forest areas.

Track Class & Length
Liffey Falls Class 2 - 0.9km GSW North
Meander Falls Class 5 - 5.0km GSW North
Lobster Falls Class 3 - 3.0km North
Winterbrook Falls Class 4 - 3.6km North
Arm Falls Class 3 - 2.0km North
Bridal Veil/Champagne Class 3 - 3.0km North
Ralphs Falls Class 2 - 2.5km GSW North East
Cuckoo Falls Class 3 - 2.5km North East
Halls Falls Class 4 - 1.0km North East
Evercreech Falls Class 3 - 2.2km North East
Mathinna Falls Class 3 - 1.6km North East
Meadstone Falls Class 4 - 1.2km North East
Meetus Falls Class 3 - 0.6km East
Lost Falls Class 2 - 0.7km East
Hardings Falls Class 3 - 1.3km East
Adamsons Falls Class 4 - 2.9km Southern
Kermandie Falls Class 4 - 2.8km Southern
Reuban Falls Class 4 - 0.9km Southern
Victoria Valley Falls Class 4 - 0.4km Central
Wilson Falls Class 2 - 0.1km Central
Montezuma Falls Class 2 - 4.8km GSW West
Dip Falls Class 3 - 0.7km North West
  • GSW - indicates it is one of Tasmania’s 60 Great Short Walks

  • Refer to details on GSW Track standards and classification

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