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Branchline July 15, 2011


Forestry, it's about real people

Some media outlets are wanting Forestry Tasmania to provide a running commentary on the change of ownership of the Triabunna chip mill, but that's not our priority at the moment. Our silence though should not be misinterpreted. Frankly, I am dismayed a critical piece of infrastructure is being treated as a plaything by the rich and powerful while people who have given their heart and soul to the timber industry watch their livelihoods disappear. The Mercury's front page which tells the story of an eleven year old daughter sitting on a beach drawing up a list of how she can he help Mum and Dad earn enough money to survive the forest industry crisis, will haunt me for a long time.
In light of this, I intend to focus on finding solutions and a way forward. When I have something meaningful to say, I will say it. Triabunna is still a developing story - we still don't know if it will operate as a woodchip export facility, and if so when it will open, how long it will continue to operate, who will operate it and under what conditions. Forestry Tasmania will have a role to play, but we are not in a position to rule anything in or out until those questions have been answered.
While we are grappling with some fairly big challenges, we are still getting on with the business of managing the forest. If there's one outstanding attribute about our staff, it is that they always seem able to find solutions to problems - and there's no better example than our water quality expert Dr Sandra Roberts, who has just invented a new water sampler. <read more>
It's National Tree Day on July 31 and as we have mentioned previously, FT will be giving out some 12,000 seedlings this year to help the Planet Ark organised day. All of those seedlings have been grown at our nursery near Perth. This year, the nursery celebrates 75 years of growing plants for Tasmania. I would love to know how much carbon the trees grown from the nursery's seeds and seedlings have sequestered over the past eight decades. <read more>

Until next time,

Bob Gordon

Managing Director
Forestry Tasmania



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