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Lake Echo - Shannon's Blog

DATE 19/09/2011

“Hi, I'm Shannon, during the summer of 2011 as a bursary student with Forestry Tasmania, I took the challenge to visit Forestry Tamania's 52 visitor sites.

I hope you enjoy my blogs and are inspired to visit some or all of these places for yourself."


Lake Echo is located in central Tasmania, and I found that it can be accessed in three ways from the Lyell Highway. If you are coming from Hobart, the first entrance is from a turnoff onto Victoria Valley Road in Ouse. This road is sealed for a short distance before becoming gravel. It takes you through the small town of Osterley (which is more like a couple of houses in the middle of nowhere).

Taking this route means you will have to travel the longest on gravel road. The second route is to take the turn off onto Strickland Road (which is past Ouse on the Lyell Highway going toward Strahan). This road takes you through the town of Strickland, and joins onto Victoria Valley Road. Alternatively, I took the other end of Victoria Valley Road, which begins past Tarraleah, Bradys Lake, and opposite Bronte Lagoon. As I was in only a small car, I wanted to spend the least amount of time on gravel road. The road was fine to take cars on, but be mindful of oncoming traffic.

After about 30 minutes I arrived at Lake Echo. Lake Echo is one of the larger lakes located in the Highlands of Tasmania. There are shacks located alongside the lake, and there are a lot of people holidaying up here during the summer. So many water sports take place on the lake; from fishing, to jet skiing, boating, and kayaking. If you are an outdoorsy family- it seems like a great place to take the family away for the weekend.

There are a number of boat ramps which provide access to different areas of the lake. There are two ramps at Echo Dam, one near Brocks Bay and one on the west side of the lake. Care must be taken as a change in weather can result in the water becoming rough and dangerous in high winds. In the lake are a number of fish, and it is said that it is an excellent spot for trout fishing, with an abundance of brown trout, and also a small number of redfin and tench. It is important to note that you must have a licence to fish in Lake Echo.

There are several informal camping areas located in various points around the lakes’ shore. The most popular spot is probably at Echo Dam, or Brocks Bay (the same places where the boat ramps are located). Or, if you really love this spot, I noticed a number of shacks were for sale!

GPS Coordinates :

LAT :   42° 8'40.83"S
LON : 146°36'17.85"E

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