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The Southern Forests located south of Hobart are mainly wet eucalypt forests because of high rainfall, rich soils and periodic wildfires.

They are spread across a series of large river valleys and adjacent mountainsides. The main rivers include the Weld, the Picton, the Huon, the Arve, the Esperance and the Lune.



Arve Road Forest Drive

The Arve Road is the main road to get from Geeveston to Tahune AirWalk. It is sealed, but there are small patches of gravel where the road is being repaired, so drive cautiously. While I was driving along it, other traffic was relatively scarce, however, it is recommended by Forestry Tasmania (who manages this area) that you are always mindful because the road is primarily used by forestry-related vehicles, and log trucks. Also depending on the time of day, traffic to and from Tahune can be quite busy.

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Bruny Island Forest Sites

Bruny Island is only an hour’s travel time from Hobart; 40 minutes drive to Kettering and then a 20 minute ferry ride. This great location deserves at least one day of your time. There is plenty to do, particularly in relation to exploring the forests in the area. I will share with you some of the great things that I found to do, and let you know how to reach them, and how long they take so you can plan out an itinerary of your own.

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Duckhole Lake Walk

Let me just shamefully say, that this was my second attempt to visit Duckhole Lake, and that a bit of research into how to get there would have proved very useful when driving around for several hours trying to find it! I will begin by passing on my knowledge, so you don't have the same problem as me (it really is quite simple when you know where it is). From Hobart it is about a 90 minute drive south to Hastings Caves.

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Esperance Forest Tour

So if you have been reading my blog (and let’s not joke, I know you all have) you will remember that I mentioned the Esperance Forest Tour. This is a great alternative route to get back to Dover from Duckhole Lake.

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Tahune AirWalk

It’s an early start at 8:00am but I’m sure it will be worth it. Today I will be heading south, down over Vince's Saddle and through some picturesque country towns like Franklin and Huonville which are dotted along the Huon River. It’s only a 60 minute drive to Geeveston, and then another 20 minutes down the Arve Road to Tahune (but more about the Arve Road another day).

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