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· Contact the Japanese buyers of Tasmanian woodchips
· Email the Australian Prime Minister directly
· Email the Australian opposition leader
· Other actions you can take


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Since November 12, 2003, Greenpeace and The Wilderness Society have run an international campaign to save Tasmania's Styx forest. As part of the campaign, activists constructed a tree platform, dubbed the Global Rescue Station, 65 metres up one of the world's tallest hardwood trees and lived there for five months. The peaceful protest attracted thousands of visitors to the Styx and drew international attention to the destruction of Tasmania's ancient forests. You can read the activists' updates below.

fo_styx_dismantling.jpgApril 7, 2004 --
The world’s tallest tree-sit ends today after five months of campaigning by Greenpeace and the Wilderness Society to save Tasmania’s Styx Valley – home of the world’s tallest hardwood trees. The campaign now moves into its second phase of focusing on the ballot boxes of the coming federal election and increasing international pressure overseas. more

TAKE ACTION: email the Japanese companies buying woodchips from the Styx.