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Tasmanian Timber


Tasmania's forests are home to some of the world's most precious and beautiful timber species - Huon Pine, King Billy Pine, Celery Top Pine, Sassafras and Myrtle to name a few.

The diversity of timbers each possess a unique beauty inherent to our island wilderness, and are employed for a variety of uses.

In recent years much attention has been given to the harvesting and use of native (or special species) timbers in Tasmania.

Many of Tasmania's forests are protected under State and Federal covenants. Arguements for and against continued harvesting of some old growth forests, which contain special species timbers, are continuing.

Wood designers support a sustainable approach to timber harvesting, with the minimisation of wastage and the chance to salvage special species timber in small amounts from stockpiles and logged areas.

The State Government, through Forestry Tasmania, has recently identified special species timber as a critical factor in 'high end procesing' creating objects of high value from timber, thereby gaining the greatest value from this precious resource.

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