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Revealing the Secrets of Tree Felling Excellence

Friday, August 05, 2011:

A recent study completed by Scion researcher Richard Parker reveals how experienced tree fellers gain efficiency when using a chainsaw. Parker developed new ways of measuring worker activities using lightweight video cameras attached to the helmet and shoulder of loggers. The cameras recorded exactly what tree fallers were doing and seeing during an average work day, giving an up close and personal view of how they worked.

Results showed that experienced tree fallers felled an average of 34 trees per hour compared with novices who averaged 17 trees per hour. By taking the time to make the first cut correctly, fallers were able to reduce the need to rework and were therefore able to drop trees more quickly.

These results arose from a larger study on tree felling and rural fire fighting recently completed by Parker. For full details on the story and link to the study, check out the latest R&D Works Newsletter.

Source: Friday Off Cuts




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