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The New Forest Industry

Our Forests Are Increasing

Our Forests Are IncreasingDid you know that Tasmania's forests are actually getting larger?

While forestry and wood products still drive almost a quarter of the State's manufacturing economy, over the past 10 years our forests have actually increased.

Reports from the WWF demonstrate that Australian forests as a whole are growing faster than they are being consumed.

Statistics cited in the World Wildlife Fund and Global Footprint Network Asia Pacific 2005 report The Ecological Footprint and Natural Wealth has demonstrated that Australia's forests are being grown at a rate 4 and a half times more than they are being consumed.

The report details the ecological footprint and the biocapacity for a number of Asia-Pacific countries.

As recorded in the report, Australia is one of the only Asia Pacific countries with an 'ecological surplus', meaning Australia is using much less of its natural resources than its 'biocapacity' overall.

The findings of the report concluded the following for Australia:

  • Total timber footprint = 0.77 global hectares per person
  • Total timber biocapacity = 3.47 global hectares per person

That is, the biocapacity is 4.5 times the ecological footprint.

This pays testament to Australia's sustainable forest management practices.

These statistics are demonstrable proof that Australia's forests are being regenerated at a rate significantly higher than harvesting rates.

Tasmanians can be proud of the efforts made by the New Forest Industry.

Not content with being a world leader in forestry and conservation, we are continuing to apply fresh thinking to everything we do.

Download: Our Forests Are Increasing (PDF)

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