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The New Forest Industry

Value Adding

Value AddingIt's not all rip-rip-woodchip in Tasmania's forests - far from it, in fact.

Take a fresh look at what our valuable forests are producing.

Our finest quality logs provide the world's most creative designers with the very best timbers and veneers.

The unique beauty of our special species timbers is drawn out in exquisite Tasmanian furniture and art.

Other timbers are used for house frames, panelling and floors in todays energy-efficient buildings.

Wood that doesn't meet the standards for timber doesn't go to waste - it's chipped to produce paper for writing and printing.

Tasmanians can be proud of the efforts made by the New Forest Industry.

Not content with being a world leader in forestry and conservation, we are continuing to apply fresh thinking to everything we do.

Download: The New Forest Industry Is Value Adding (PDF)

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