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Tasmanian Timber

Huon Pine

click hereHuon Pine is the prince of Tasmanian timbers. The richness of its golden colour and figure make it one of the world's most desirable furniture and veneering timbers.

Found only in Tasmania, Huon Pine grows along rivers, lakes and flood plains of our rugged West Coast and some small pockets in the South West Wilderness.

Huon Pine is still today the most famous and prized rainforest timber.

Trees dated as 10,000 years old have been discovered still growing, placing the species among the longest lived organisms on earth.

Today it is almost exclusively used by craft workers as it is easily carved & worked.

It is a mellow, extremely fine textured wood with characteristic, pleasant fragrance.

Its unique "eugenol" oil makes it almost immune to decay, it seasons readily, has low shrinkage, is soft and easily worked.

Light in weight and with its great stability & resistance to rot and marine organisms, it earned high regard as a ship building material.

The timber is not commercially logged - all material is controlled by Forestry Tasmania & only two mills have the rights to "salvaged timber" from valleys since flooded for hydro-electricity generation.

Huon Pine only increases its girth approx 12cm in 100 years

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