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Regulation & Certification

Forest Practices Regulation

The Forest Practices Board was restructured into the Forest Practices Authority (FPA) on July 1st 2005.

Regulation of forestry occurs under the Forest Practices Act which is administered by the FPA. The FPA is an independent statutory authority staffed by the Chief Forest Practices Officer and specialist scientists who answer to the Board. Day to day regulation of forest operations is undertaken by Forest Practices Officers who are trained foresters employed throughout the industry. They have responsibilities and powers under the Act to ensure that operations comply strictly with the Forest Practices Code 2000.

The Forest Practices Code covers aspects of environmental care, including Biodiversity, Geodiversity, Cultural Heritage, Visual Amenity and landscape considerations, and Soil and Water care. The Code addresses all aspects of forest operations including pre-harvest planning, all forms of harvesting including thinning, road construction, quarrying, plantation establishment, and reforestation.

Download: Forest Practices Code 2000 (PDF)

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