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Private Forest Growers

Landowners are able to apply under the Tasmanian Forest Practices Act 1985 to have their land declared a Private Timber Reserve.

As a Private Timber Reserve the land is to be used only for the establishing, or growing or harvesting of timber in accordance with the Forest Practices Code and such activities as the Forest Practices Board considers compatible with establishing forest, or growing or harvesting timber.

As a Private Timber Reserve nothing in a planning scheme or interim order created under the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 affects forestry operations co nducted on the land.

Forestry operations include the establishment of forests; and growing of timber; and harvesting of timber; and land clearing, land preparation, burning off, access construction and transport operations.

An area of land is declared a Private Timber Reserve by notice in the Tasmanian Government Gazette.

The status of the land, as a Private Timber Reserve, is then registered on the land title. The registration remains with the title, irrespective of subsequent land sales, unless revoked in part or full by the current titleholder or by the Forest Practices Board. The Private Timber Reserve may cover all or only a part of the title or UPI listed.

For more information on private forests in Tasmania visit the Private Forests Tasmania website.

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