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Release of Information

Forestry Tasmania is a Government Business Enterprise and therefore operates commercially for and in the public interest.

Forestry Tasmania operates in a highly competitive commercial environment. However, in line with the Tasmanian Government’s principles of transparency and accountability throughout government, we willingly provide access to information wherever it is in the public interest to do so.

At times, the public interest is best served by maintaining confidentiality on information that has high commercial value. However, all Forestry Tasmania information, including confidential information, is subject to audit and Government scrutiny.

Forestry Tasmania affects its release of information through a Right to Information scheme where information is made available according to the following guidelines.

1. About Us

2. Our Services

3. Our Priorities

4. Our Decisions

5. Our Policies and Procedures

6. Our Finances

7. Reports and Disclosures


Charges for information

There will be no charge for examining any publication scheme information contained on Forestry Tasmania’s website. However, there may be a charge if a large volume of printed material is required. You will be advised about any photocopying charges at the time of your request.

A nominated charge will be payable for some publications (e.g. Silvicultural Bulletins, Going Bush DVD, Forest Practices Plans) produced by Forestry Tasmania. Charges will be kept under review and there is no intention to charge for material that has previously been available for free.

Forestry Tasmania is committed to making its relevant information routinely available to the public. If you have any queries or complaints regarding the information available on Forestry Tasmania’s Publication Scheme, please address them in writing or via e-mail to:

RTI Co-ordinator
Forestry Tasmania
GPO Box 207


Not all information Forestry Tasmania publishes is detailed in the publication scheme. If you wish to lodge an application for an assessed disclosure under the Right to Information Act for information which is not available on the Forestry Tasmania website, please do so in writing by completing the application for assessed disclosure and send to:

RTI Officer
Forestry Tasmania
GPO Box 207




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