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Branchline, Feb 24, 2012


The Critical decade: Tasmanian impacts and opportunities.

This week i would like to take the opportunity to congratulate the Climate Commission for its professionalism and science based approach to its report The Critical decade: Tasmanian impacts and opportunities.


I am proud to say that FT's Senior Research Officer: Forest Carbon Dr Martin Moroni led a group of around 90 forest professionals from around the country who contributed advice to the Climate Commission, and was integral in representing the forest industry on a national level.


The report spells out the urgency we have here in Tasmania in making sure we minimise climate change risks now. The next decade is particularly critical and the decisions we make between now and 2020 will shape our own and our children's future, particularly in terms of the opportunities for forests and the carbon cycle.


If we are really serious about saving the planet, the simple message is to reduce fossil fuel use and substitute greenhouse gas intensive building products such as steel and concrete, with wood products.


The report makes the comparison that in Australia, the emissions associated with using elevated timber floor are 13% lower than using concrete slabs, and using timber frames generates between 21 - 43% fewer emissions than using steel frames.


The report also touches on the benefit of using wood residues in place of fossil fuels to produce electricity, heat and liquid biofuels - something that FT is already exploring in our Innovation Plan.


The release of the report coincides with the return of the successful Wood. Naturally Better TV commercial that was released under Planet Ark's Environmental Edge brand.  The commercial will begin airing again from March but you can watch it  here.


Going Bush returns to Channel 10 this Sunday at 3:30pm for viewers in ACT, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria, and Tasmanian and NT viewers can tune in from the usual time of 5:30pm on Southern Cross.

Check out for further details and don't forget to enter the weekly prize draw by entering this week's codeword as well as your chance to win Ultimate Tasmanian Adventure Holiday for your family!

For an interesting read, you might like to take a look at an essay recently published in Island Magazine by Peter Kanowski, Professor of Forestry at ANU that draws parallels with a previous essay written by Richard Flanagan. (Read it here)
Until next time,
Bob Gordon

Managing Director
Forestry Tasmania



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