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Branchline, Oct 27, 2011


Stewardship Report looks to the future

The 2010/11 Stewardship Report, which was tabled in Parliament today, is a forthright appraisal of our operations during 2010/11. Stewardship Report 2011 (5,169kb PDF)

We’ve not only reported the things we did well, but also the areas in which we didn’t meet our targets and need to improve.

The report follows the release of our full year financial result on 29 August.
Financial Statements 2011 (1,838kb PDF)

It details the full extent of our operations over the past year, and demonstrates why we are moving ahead with the Forestry Innovation Plan.

The data and trends contained in the report confirm our earlier forecasts that we are looking ahead to less availability of native forest timber as the area of reserves increases, more plantation timber coming on-stream, and increased consumer demand for engineered wood products and renewable energy.

Standing still is never an option for Forestry Tasmania, so it’s clear that we need to look ahead and create a strong strategic position that will capitalise on these changes.

In other news, our colleagues at the Forest Education Foundation have launched a new e-newsletter to keep their stakeholders up-to-date with all the activities on offer at the National Forest Learning Centre in Hobart.

As you’d expect, it’s packed with useful information – please consider subscribing so that Darcy Vickers and his team can continue to spread the good news about the work they do.

And finally, a few reminders:

  • The deadline for registrations to participate in the schools ‘Care for People’ award is COB this Monday, 31 October. This popular award recognises students who have shown compassion or thoughtfulness towards others. If your school has not already done so, please contact Tamika on 6235 8106 or email
  • Our next forestry talk, Eucalypt plantations and water use in Tasmania, is Wednesday 9 November at 1:00pm in the National Forest Learning Centre.
  • And of course, the encore screening of our latest Going Bush series continues at 5:30pm Saturday on Southern Cross Television.

Until next time,

Bob Gordon

Managing Director
Forestry Tasmania





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