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Forestry Tasmania Highly Commended in Tasmanian Water Environment Merit Awards

DATE: 23/12/2011

Former Forestry Tasmania project officer Erin Trainer was highly commended earlier this week by the Australian Water Association Tasmania for her research and development of the floating rising stage sampler, used to monitor streams pre and post pesticide use.

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National Ride to Work Day

DATE: 19/12/2011

For the fourth consecutive year Forestry Tasmania Head Office has won the Ride to Work award in the National Workplace Challenge for the Tasmanian 100 - 250 employee category.

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Sale of softwood JV

DATE: 09/12/2011

Taswood Growers, of which Forestry Tasmania is a 50 per cent share holder, has agreed to sell the forestry rights to its 46,000 hectare plantation estate to the Sydney based firm New Forests for $156 million.

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Shannon's Blog - Victoria Valley Falls

DATE: 05/12/2011

Victoria Valley Falls

Victoria Valley Falls is a joint venture between Forestry Tasmania; Parks and Wildlife Service; and Wildcare INC. It is located approximately 24km along Victoria Valley Road in Tasmania’s central highlands. To get there, the easiest way is to take the Victoria Valley Road turnoff located in Ouse.

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Upcoming forestry talk

DATE: 05/12/2011

Thomas Francis Meagher: a political exile in Van Diemen's Land




Dr Dianne Snowdon & Denise Gaughwin


Following an incident known as the Young Irelander Rebellion of 1848 Meagher was arrested, tried and convicted for sedition, and exiled to Van Diemen’s Land

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