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Seed Quality

High quality seed to Tasmanian seed grading levels of 'Class A' will be supplied.

The technical specifications for collecting, processing and storing this seed are to the standards set out in:
  • Technical Bulletin Number 1 - Eucalypt Seed and Sowing (Forestry Commission, Tasmania, 1991)
  • Seed Manual (Forestry Tasmania, Tasmania, 2001)
These technical specifications can be purchased by contacting the Tasmanian Seed Centre. The Tasmanian Seed Centre guarantees the quality and germination rate of its seed to tested standards at the time of supply.
No responsibility can be taken for the seed during transport and storage once it leaves the Seed Centre.

Information, Purchasing and Technical Seed Advice

All the seed from the Tasmanian Seed Centre can be supplied with the following details on request:

  • seed zone (provenance)
  • germination rate (per kilogram)
  • forest quality type
  • collection date
  • site information (rainfall, soil types, altitude etc)