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Anopterus Glandulosus

Tasmanian Laurel
Anopterus_glandulosus_thumb A well formed shrub with large dark green leaves with erect spikes of white or pink flowers which appear in Spring.
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Bossiaea cinerea

Showy bossiaea
Bossiaea_thumb A spreading shrub which tolerates drought, shade and coastal exposure but requires good drainage.
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Convolvulus erubescens

Pink Bindweed
Convolvulus_thumb A twining groundcover forming mats with pink funnel flowers in spring and summer.
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Dianella tasmanica

Blue Flax Lily
Dianella_tasmanica_thumb A tufting lily with arching sprays of blue flowers in spring followed by large blue or purple berries.
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Diplarrena latifolia

Western Flag Iris
Diplarrena_thumb A tufting perennial with white flowers with yellow and purple markings over summer.
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Indigofera australis

Native Indigo
Indogofera_thumb A slender shrub with masses of pink/lilac flowers in spring.
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Huon_pine_needles_and_cones_thumb A renowned timber and rainforest tree which is endemic to Tasmania.
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Oxylobium ellipticum

Golden Rosemary
Oxylobium_thumb A medium shrub with clusters of golden pea flowers in spring and early summer.
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Restio tetraphyllus

Tassel Cord Rush
Restio_thumb A soft foliaged clump forming rush with flower spikes red-brown in Spring and summer.
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Stackhousia_thumb A frost hardy perennial with spikes of white flowers over a long period in Spring and summer.
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Tasmannia lanceolata

Tasmanian Pepper
Tasmania_lanc_thumb A compact shrub with young crimson stem.
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Acacia riceana

Rice's Wattle
Acacia_riceana_thumb A small weeping shrub with Spring flowering and dark foliage.
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