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The Forest Practices Authority

Biodiversity values database

The biodiversity values database is specifically tailored to the needs of FPOs and others preparing forest practices plans (FPPs). It delivers locality data for fauna and flora species (derived from the DPIPWE Natural Values Atlas data) in a user-friendly way and provides information (derived from published information and expert opinion) on fauna species range and potential habitat. Both are required for the development of an FPP under the forest practices system. The species locality database maintained by DPIPWE Natural Values Atlas is the source of state-wide locality data for threatened species. However, this database does not currently provide all the information required for forest planning.

To determine whether or not your planned operation area is within the range of a threatened species, has potential habitat for a threatened species and/or contains a known locality for a threatened species, enter your centre co-ordinate below.

Note that many of the range boundaries are draft and have not been endorsed for planning purposes. These are provided here for the purpose of testing the draft Threatened Fauna Adviser 2011. Some approved range boundaries are available for download from the NVA, however, you should check the following link to determine current status of range boundaries prior to accessing the NVA.

The BVD includes information that has been provided to the FPA from a range of sources.  While the FPA has endeavoured to check the accuracy and completeness of this information, the FPA does not guarantee that the BVD, is free from errors, and does not warrant the quality, performance or suitability of the BVD for any purpose. The FPA cannot accept any liability for either inaccuracies or omissions in the data used in the development of the BVD or the results of any work based on the BVD.

To browse the draft maps please click here.

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