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The Forest Practices Authority

Swift Parrot Interim Planning Guideline

The Forest Practices Authority prepared the Swift Parrot Interim Planning Guideline in consultation with a range of stakeholders for the purpose of delivering interim management prescriptions via procedures agreed with DPIPWE. The overall objective of the planning guideline is to maintain the integrity of breeding-habitat by ensuring that sufficient levels and arrangement of nesting-habitat and foraging-habitat are retained to support a breeding event in any given year and, in this way, contribute to the objectives of the Draft National Swift Parrot Recovery Plan. The recovery plan identifies other actions to deal with other threats. These should be addressed through the development of a Species Strategic Plan for the Swift Parrot by DPIPWE. The plan does not attempt to detail specific conservation activities and projects or the allocation of resources to these activities.

The FPA sought comments on the approach, objectives and management actions outlined in this working draft of the species habitat planning guideline for the conservation management of Lathamus discolor (Swift Parrot) in areas regulated under the Tasmanian forest practices system. The public consultation process was from December 2010 to February 2011.

The planning guideline and the comments received during the consultation process are available for download:

The Swift Parrot Interim Planning Guideline

Swift Parrot Interim Planning Guideline public comments and response table

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