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The Forest Practices Authority

Threatened fauna adviser

The Threatened Fauna Adviser 2011 is under development. Planners should use the 2002 TFA until advised otherwise. 

The threatened fauna adviser is a planning tool designed to help those making decisions on actions required to meet the relevant objectives of threatened species legislation, and associated policies, in areas subject to activities regulated under the Tasmanian forest practices system. To meet these objectives within the forest estate, the approach taken in Tasmania includes a combination of formal and informal reserves and by management prescription in off-reserve areas.

The overall aim of the recommended management actions delivered by the threatened fauna adviser is to contribute to the maintenance of populations of threatened species throughout their ranges, primarily through the management of potential habitat in areas subject to activities regulated under the forest practices system, but also through the management of other threats.

The threatened fauna adviser is designed to be used for the regulation of forest practices and it does not necessarily address all actions considered necessary for the species' recovery beyond those directly related to forest practices. See Background document 1 and 2 for the scope and background information.

Threatened Fauna Adviser background report 1

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