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The Forest Practices Authority

Threatened native vegetation communities information sheets

Only 39 of the 146 native vegetation communities in Tasmania are listed as threatened on the Nature Conservation Act 2002 and Forest Practices Act 1985. The Tasmanian Government introduced legislation in April 2007 to improve the protection of threatened native vegetation communities. Information on land clearing regulations is available here. 

If you want to clear and convert a threatened native vegetation community you will need a forest practices plan. The following sheets show you how to identify whether you have an endangered community and provide information for each community.

Do I have an endangered native vegetation community?

Please note that this document is best viewed printed out. The second page is an insert to the first page.

Alkaline pans

Banksia marginata wet scrub

Coastal complex on King Island

Cushion moorland

Heathland on calcarenite

Heathland scrub complex at Wingaroo

Highland grassy sedgeland

Highland Poa grassland

King Billy pine subalpine scrub

Melaleuca pustulata scrub

Rainforest fernland

Riparian scrub

Seabird rookery complex

Sphagnum peatland

Subalpine Diplarrena latifolia rushland

Subalpine Leptospermum nitidum woodland


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