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The Forest Practices Authority

Treefern management

The harvesting of treeferns (Dicksonia antarctica) is strictly regulated in Tasmania and must be conducted in accordance with a management plan approved by the governments of Tasmania and Australia. A revised management plan became effective on 25 July 2007. A significant change introduced by the revised management plan was granting permission to harvest treeferns from areas that are to be intensively logged and regenerated to native forest - formerly, harvesting was confined to salvage from forests being cleared for infrastructure, agriculture or plantation. This change was made to allow continued access to the treefern resource in light of cessation of conversion of native forest to plantation by the public forest land manager (Forestry Tasmania) and some owners and managers of large private forest estates, and was informed by findings of extensive research undertaken by the FPA into the sustainable management of treeferns.

All treeferns must have tags issued by the FPA affixed to their stems prior to removal from a harvesting area. These tags must remain on the stems at all times to ensure that the origin of treeferns can be tracked to approved harvesting areas. The majority of treeferns harvested in Tasmania are exported to national and international markets. Revenue from the sale of treefern tags is used to fund regulatory activities and research into the longer term sustainability of treefern harvesting.

For the latest information on the number of forest practices plans certified to provide for harvesting of treeferns and the number of treeferns harvested, check the FPA's most recent annual report

Download an Information sheet summarising the guidelines for the harvesting of trunked treeferns in Tasmania

The FPA sells treefern tags, which must be affixed to commercially harvested treeferns. Funds from the sale of the tags are used to fund treefern research, such as these FPA supervised students who are investigating the invertebrate population of treeferns.


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