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The Forest Practices Authority

Flowering times of Tasmanian orchids

Flowering times of Tasmanian orchids: a practical guide for field botanists (authors: Mark Wapstra, Nina Roberts and Hans and Annie Wapstra)

This guide to orchid flowering times provides tabulated information on the months in which each of the Tasmanian orchid species are most likely to be found in flower. This information may assist forest managers in determining the best time to survey for orchids. It may also be a handy reference for orchid enthusiasts and botanists who wish to see what is likely to be flowering at any given time during the year. The flowering times in this document should be taken as a guide - there are always exceptions to the rules. The authors have drawn on as much published information and expert knowledge as possible.

Please note that the formatting of this PDF document may not be preserved by some printers, especially if you're using an older version of Adobe Acrobat. We recommend printing a test page from a section of the document that includes all three types of shading and hatching used in the table to ensure these can be distinguished. If you have trouble printing the table, please contact the authors (contact details in the document) for a Microsoft Word version.

If you are seeking good photographic images of Tasmanian orchids we would recommend you visit the webpage which has an image gallery arranged by genus name.

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