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CRC for Forestry media releases

With 29 partner organisations across Australia, including five universities, the CSIRO, government and industry organisations, the CRC for Forestry assisted the media by putting it in touch with partners who were well placed to provide balanced, science-based comment on current issues in forest science.

The CRC for Forestry  hosted the Old Forests, New Management international scientific conference about the conservation and use of old-growth forests in the 21st century, in February 2008. Media releases from the conference can be downloaded from the conference website.

023 Researchers urge targeted allocation of forest industry assistance
Media release 27 July 2011 [pdf 123.9 kb]

022 Forest scientists' response to toxic water claims
Media release 23 February 2010 (regarding the effects of Eucalyptus nitens trees on water in the Georges River catchment, Tasmania) [pdf 27.6 kb]

021 Home is where the hollow is - A guide to 'Tree hollows in Tasmania' is released
Media release 26 November 2009 [pdf 51.5 kb]

020 New reports analyse impacts of plantation industry on rural communities in Tasmania
Media release 15 July 2009 [pdf 29.8 kb]

019 Understanding residents' views on land use change report
Media release 28 August 2009 [pdf 53.4 kb]

018 Tasmanian botanist gets prestigious science award
Media release 16 March 2009 [doc 502.0 kb]

017. Carbon friendly log truck on show in Sydney
Media release 07 August 2008 [pdf 30.2 kb]

016. Tasmanian community survey on plantation forestry
Media release 18 July 2008 [pdf 31.8 kb]

015. Western Australian community survey on plantation forestry
Media release 18 July 2008 [pdf 31.8 kb]

014. Tasmanian forest industry survey media release
Media release 26 June 2008 [pdf 38.8 kb]

014. Study investigates changing land use in the northern New South Wales­ia.php?item_id=1096&­action=show_item&type=M
Media release 23 April 2008

013. South Australian bluegums thousands of years old
Media release 25 April 2008 [pdf 42.6 kb]

012. Australian Geographic supports endangered Tasmanian owl research­Media%20Releases/200­8/masked_owl.pdf
Media release 21 April 2008

011. Rural tree decline in the Midlands of Tasmania
Media release 13 March 2008 [pdf 40.3 kb]

010. New report documents community views on living with land use change
Media release 5 March 2008 [pdf 63.6 kb]

009. Global change and the world's forests
Media release [pdf 37.1 kb]

008. New environmental kit to educate students launched
2 October 2007, a new resource to educate Tasmanian students about the environment was officially launched by the Minister for Education, David Bartlett, on Tuesday 2 October. EucaFlip, designed for students from grade 4-12, enables the easy identification of all 29 native Tasmanian eucalypt species. An all-weather field identification kit for bushwalkers was also launched and is for sale at retails outlets across Tasmania from this week. [pdf 39.3 kb]

007. Decoding the Eucalyptus genome
4 July 2007, An ambitious international effort has been launched to decode the genome of Eucalyptus, one of the world’s most valuable fibre and paper-producing trees—with the goal to maximise its potential in the burgeoning bioenergy market and for capturing excess atmospheric carbon. Availability of the eucalypt genome sequence may also assist understanding of the genetic basis of wood properties, which determine the profitability of eucalypt plantations in Australia. [pdf 66.6 kb]

006. The Farm Forestry Handbook
2 May 2007, Tree farming that works - a new resource to help farmers succeed. [pdf 575.2 kb]

005. Breeding for wood quality in Australian plantations - Australasian Forest Genetics Conference
11 April 2007 [pdf 28.8 kb]

004. Impacts of changing landscapes on the communities of rural and regional VIC and SA
03 August 2006 [pdf 30.0 kb]

003. Experimental trees grown for high-value products: now for the results
08 May 2006 [pdf 37.2 kb]

002. Socio-economic impacts of plantations
13 December 2005 [pdf 39.2 kb]

001. Launch of the CRC for Forestry
25 July 2005 [pdf 95.5 kb]