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The Log issue two (July 2008)


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Research Programme Three: Harvesting and Operations
Issue two- July 2008 e-newsletter
The Log - practical forest harvesting improvements

From the front lines and back rooms: news highlights

Welcome to the second issue of “The Log”, the newsletter of Programme Three Harvesting and Operations. It has been a productive time for the Harvesting and Operations team since issue one was released; here is just a glimpse...

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CRC hybrid shunt truck at Sydney truck show

A shunt truck that has been purchased by the CRC for Forestry and modified by inventor Cliff Hall will feature at the Sydney truck show, 7-9 August. The diesel truck has been fitted with a supplementary electric motor at the front axle, which will power the vehicle at times of extra load – such as at start-up or going up hills – improving vehicle efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and prolonging the life of the conventional diesel motor [read more]

Log measurement accuracy

An accuracy study of mechanical harvesters in a pine plantation in Mt Gambier has resulted in three recommendations to reduce time and money spent on manual measurements. Martin Strandgard summarises his research...

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New research scientist in Western Australia

John Wiedemann (left) of WAPRES took up the position of Programme Three Research Scientist in Western Australia on a 75 per cent basis from 1 July. John is based in Manjimup and will work closely with Programme Leader Mark Brown and Research Scientist Mauricio Acuna. John is currently working on a project plan for harvesting studies for industry partners in Western Australia. If you would like to discuss harvesting and operations in Western Australia please email John or phone 08 9771 7400.

Machine evaluation on the front line - workshop series

A targeted and operational series of half-day workshops was held in three states in May, lead by Dr Mauricio Acuna and featuring international visiting scientist Ernie Heidersdorf (the recently retired research director of the Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada). The workshops in Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania attracted both CRC partners and contractors...

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Profile: Dr Mauricio Acuna, Research Fellow

profile_acuna2Dr Mauricio Acuna has been involved in harvesting, roading, and transportation research for more than 14 years. His work and research in the forest sector have taken him all around the world to such places as Uruguay, Canada, the USA and now Australia. Mauricio leads projects on harvesting productivity and costs, and the development of an optimal logging truck scheduling system for Programme Three ... [read more]

Programme Coordinating Committee meeting highlights

At the Harvesting and Operations Programme Coordinating Committee meeting in Albany in February, the committee reviewed and approved a revised budget, the revised programme agreement, the strategic work plan and an international visitor plan. Members were asked to identify priority research areas for their organisations through an activity ranking exercise... [read more]

New Programme Coordinating Committee member

Stephen Martyn (left), of WAPRES, replaces John Wiedemann on the Programme Coordinating Committee (PCC) now that John has taken up his new role as Research Scientist in Western Australia. Stephen joins other PCC members Andrew Callister, Andrew Wiggill, Andrew Wye, Bernie Dell, Brett Humble, Darrell Clark, Greg Nolan, Harry Marsland, Ian Dumbrell, Jerry Vanclay, Jim O'Hehir, Justine Edwards, Leon Bren, Mark Diedrichs, Peter Rutherford, Peter Volker, Sandra Hetherington, Sean Riley and Stephen Roffey.

Industry commentary: Jim O’Hehir, ForestrySA

profile_o'hehirNow that most of the appointments have been made within the Harvesting and Operations Research Programme – most notably that of the Programme Leader - substantial and rapid progress can be seen. It is an important achievement to have an operational plan defined and progress can also be seen in delivering some of the programme’s first tasks...[read more]

Notes from AusTimber 2008

The international conference and exhibition for the forest industries started with an impressive gathering of over 100 high school career advisors to participate in seminars about opportunities in the forest industry. The technical conference that followed gave a good overview of the forest industry and where Australia stands in the world. The week finished with a large and impressive exhibition of equipment, both static and active... [read more and see the pictures]

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