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Mr Paul Nevill

profile_nevill_thumbMr Paul Nevill
PhD student

Topic: the development of gene pool management strategies for Eucalyptus regnans

University of Melbourne


The conservation of biological diversity is an important consideration for the sustainable management of the world's native forests. In Australia, sustainable management strategies for eucalypt forests emphasise the importance of using material for reforestation that conserve species patterns and gene pools present before harvesting. But for many species, particularly Eucalyptus regnans (mountain ash), there is often a shortage of appropriate seed, necessitating seed transferral between geographic regions. My research will assist in the development of gene pool management strategies for E. regnans and improve the sustainable management of E. regnans genetic resources.

Using DNA markers ("microsatellites") I will examine the genetic diversity within and between natural populations of E. regnans from across its natural geographic range. These base-line data will be used to monitor the effect of current regeneration practices on genetic diversity in native forests and breeding / deployment populations for certification purposes.

I will also develop adaptive models for identifying patterns of adaptive variation in E. regnans using surrogate measurements such as climate, aspect and geology.

I am currently writing up my PhD. I recently attended the Systematics 2008 conference in Göttingen, Germany where I gave both an oral presentation (view abstract) and a poster presentation (view abstract) on my work in the development of gene pool management strategies for Eucalyptus (subgenus Eucalyptus) species.

My supervisors are Dr Peter Ades and Dr Gerd Bossinger (University of Melbourne).

The research is funded by and Australian Postgraduate Award and the CRC for Forestry.