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Biodiversity (Project 4.2)


The biodiversity project operated within the following context:

  • Maintaining or enhancing biodiversity values is increasingly important to communities.
  • There is an increasing need to predict and monitor biodiversity responses against baseline criteria for planning, legislative and forest certification requirements.
  • Development and monitoring of integrated strategies for pest management is an important sustainability criterion.

Research areas of the biodiversity project were:

  • monitoring and management of biodiversity in forest landscapes
  • gene pool management
  • sustainable management of key pests and diseases.

Outputs of the biodiversity project were:

  • strategies, prescriptions and tools, including monitoring procedures, to sustain or enhance biodiversity values
  • protocols for sustainable management of key pests and pathogens.

Research activity of the biodiversity project was coordinated by Professor Brad Potts, and research was conducted at:

  • University of Tasmania
  • Forest Practices Authority, Tasmania
  • Forestry Tasmania
  • University of Melbourne, Victoria
  • Murdoch University, Western Australia
  • Southern Cross University, New South Wales.


013. South Australian bluegums thousands of years old
Media release 25 April 2008 [pdf 42.6 kb]

Technical Report 163: Churchill, K and Grosse, P (2006)
An evaluation of species trials and methods of tree establishment in the Southern Midlands of Tasmania. [pdf 1.1 Mb]

Technical Report 175 - Grove SJ (2007)
Workshop report - old trees and the development of coarse woody debris in cool temperate eucalypt forests: A synthesis of recent research in a conservation management context. 20 pp. [pdf 18.4 Mb]

Technical Report 177 (for TCFA) - Wiggins et al (2008)
Do all possums show the same aversions for genetically resistant seedling stock? Tasmanian Community Forest Agreement report (TCFA: Research into Alternatives to 1080 Programme). By NL Wiggins, JM O’Reilly-Wapstra, SM Paterson, BM Potts. [pdf 275.5 kb]