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Modelling and information integration (Project 1.3)

This project developed decision-support tools for:

  • the prediction of genotype, site and management effects on stand production
  • end-use suitability of plantation-grown products
  • stand-scale fluxes of carbon and water and risks inherent in plantation development.

These tools were designed to help managers tailor silviculture for site attributes and allow precise targeting of fertiliser and pesticide application.

Project 1.3 took the science produced under Project 1.2 and integrated it with information from Project 1.1 to provide tools for forest managers.


Project 1.3 recognised significant gaps in available decision-support tools and their capacity to predict the effect of competing vegetation on forest growth. The project carried out research into:

  • plant-to-plant competition
  • the niches of forest understorey species (including weeds)
  • the role of tree and site variability, and seemingly random events, in forming tree size-class distributions in forests.

This research was aimed at supporting forest workers to make forest management decisions.

The leader of Project 1.3 was Tony O'Grady (CSIRO).

Senior scientists were Yue Wang (University of Melbourne/Department of Sustainability and Environment), Philip Smethurst (CSIRO), and Paul Adams (Forestry Tasmania).­

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