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Ms Jie-Lian Beh

Jie-Lian BehMs Jie-Lian Beh
PhD student

Topic: Improving fine-scale soil mapping to support precision forest management

Australian National University



A detailed understanding of forest soils is fundamental to precision or site-specific forest management. The difficulties associated with soil measurement are a significant limitation to developing quantitative models of soil variation, at scales appropriate for precision forestry.

Existing methods of mapping soil properties have had limited success at the fine scale.

The goal of Jie-Lian’s research project is to explore a novel method for predicting fine-scale variation in soil properties, using correlations between soils and easily measureable attributes of tree growth, with particular focus on stem shape and taper in the base of the tree.

Clarifying the nature of the relationship between the stem profile in the base of the tree and soil parameters has several benefits. The ability to use trees to indirectly measure soil properties will enable more effective management and manipulation of pruning and thinning regimes, and optimisation of plantation re-establishment preparations and post-thinning fertilisation. Conversely, the ability to better predict tree characteristics from soil parameters will extend our capacity to optimise performance.

Jie-Lian’s supervisors are:
Professor Cris Brack, Australian National University (ANU) and Waiariki Institute of Technology (New Zealand)
Dr Richard Greene, ANU
Professor Peter Kanowski, ANU
Ms Jody Bruce, CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences

My PhD studies contribute to the Monitoring and Measuring Project (1.1) of the CRC for Forestry.

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