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BioBuzz 5 (April 2008)

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Issue five - April 2008 e-newsletter
BioBuzz - Biodiversity news

Hot spot

A new pest for plantation forestry?

A tiny insect known locally as the “shothole miner”, is emerging as a potentially significant pest of eucalypts in Eucalyptus globulus plantations in the Green Triangle Region (south east South Australia and western Victoria). Charlma Phillips reports ...

What's on

Biodiversity Project researchers are making impacts in scientific, political and industrial arenas ...
  • New centre of excellence in "Climate change and woodland and forest health"

  • National Forestry Masters Program underway

  • European tour for Paul Nevill 

  • Julianne O'Reilly-Wapstra conquers 2020 summit

  • Report on sustainable building materials

  • CRC for Forestry representatives attend entomology conferences

  • Invitation to Veg Futures 2008

  • Forest Practices Authority funding available for wildlife students

  • Forest genetics conference planned for Freemantle in 2009

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What's been on

Old Forests, New Management 2008

The Old Forests, New Management conference, held in Hobart in February, was a major milestone for the CRC for Forestry, not least for the Biodiversity Project.  With support from the Australian Government's "Sir Mark Oliphant Conference Series", it attracted 270 scientists, forestry representatives and environmentalists from 20 countries. Read more...

What's so important about holey trees? 

The Forest Practices Authority (Tasmania) held a successful workshop on the management of the hollows resource in production forests.  Sarah Munks has prepared a report ...

Simon meets parliament

Simon Grove (Forestry Tasmania) went to Canberra in March to participate in the annual "Science Meets Parliament" event.  Read more ...

Midlands revegetation workshop

Neil Davidson and his team (right) recently took to the road to help residents of the Tasmanian midlands deal with the severe eucalypt dieback in their region.  Read more ...

Brad Potts being interviewed for Going BushProfessor Potts goes bush!

Brad Potts, leader of the CRC for Forestry Project 4.2 - Biodiversity, went bush recently with a film crew, managers and scientists from Forestry Tasmania (many of whom, such as Simon Grove, Marie Yee and Tim Wardlaw are also in the CRC for Forestry's Biodiversity Project). Read more ...

Odd spot

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Hedging your bets

Do you like hedges but suffer from allergies to cypress, poplar, Pittosporum or privet?  Why not try making a eucalypt hedge?  This beautiful example of a Eucalyptus nitens hedge was spotted recently at Maydena, Tasmania.

Subproject news

Click on the links below to take you to subproject news pages of:

4.2.1 Biodiversity benefits of alternatives to clearfelling

4.2.2 Biodiversity outcomes from plantation expansion into agricultural and native forest landscapes

4.2.3 Biodiversity value of coarse woody debris

4.2.4 Tools for monitoring and assessing biodiversity

4.2.5 Management of forest species of high conservation significance, including threatened species

4.2.6 Management of the risk of gene flow from eucalypt plantations

4.2.7 Management of genetic resources

4.2.8 Integrated management of browsing mammals

4.2.9 Lethal trap trees

4.2.10 Improving Mycosphaerella leaf disease resistance in Eucalyptus globulus

4.4 Integrated Pest Management Group (Western Australia and Green Triangle)

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Dr Dorothy Steane
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