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The Log - Issue two - Industry perspective - Jim O'hehir

ForestrySA, (Executive General Manager, Planning and Development)

Programme Coordinating Committee (PCC) member.



Jim O'hehir

Now that most of the appointments have been made within the Harvesting and Operations Research Programme – most notably that of the Programme Leader - substantial and rapid progress can be seen. It is an important achievement to have an operational plan defined and progress can also be seen in delivering some of the programme’s first tasks like the harvest system evaluation in New South Wales and the log measurement accuracy. So it is appropriate now to commend members of this research programme, including committee members, on the strong start that has been made engaging with industry, initially through the Albany PCC meeting and the establishment of research priorities by a clearly defined process.

The well-attended optimisation course held by Dr John Sessions from the Oregon State University is an indication of the kind of networks that are becoming established between the Harvesting and Operations Programme and other similar programmes elsewhere around the world.

This progress begins delivering value to each of our members in return for their contribution to the CRC for Forestry. As a member, I feel that the programme lays groundwork to re-awaken interest in a long-dormant area of Australian forest research. Members are now starting to see the practical outcomes that were envisaged at the time of its initiation.