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Browsing trials generate data



Browsing research team members Alison Miller, Hugh Fitzgerald and Helen Stephens spent much of October assessing the progress of trees planted two years ago as part of a TCFA-funded trial of non-lethal alternatives to 1080.  Eucalyptus nitens and E. globulus from 42 seedlots were raised from seed at Perth nursery, and fertiliser, repellent and stocking treatments were applied prior to planting in spring 2007.  The plants were assessed regularly for browsing damage and performance during the first 6 months, then again at 12 months after planting.  Now, after 2 years, height, diameter at breast height (DBH) and number of stems were assessed for each tree; all signs of browsing damage were recorded.  These data will be used to determine whether any initial advantages or problems caused by treatments have had longer term effects on tree performance.

Biobuzz issue ten, December 2009