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Thanks and goodbye to CRC stalwart, Vin Patel

vin patel

Vin Patel is retiring after a long history with three forestry CRCs

This year we farewell Vin Patel from the CRC community.  Vin has been involved with all three CRCs in various capacities. Vin has had a long history in forestry-related science, having worked with John Madden, Dick Bashford and Robin Bedding  to develop the nematode biocontrol system that is now used throughout Australia and across the world.  Vin also helped John Madden to culture the entomopathic fungus to test its efficacy at controlling leaf beetles. Since then Vin has helped numerous researchers (Tony Clarke, Mamoru Matsuki, Paul Walker, Geoff Allen) and most of the entomology graduate students that the CRC has produced to collect and rear their respective insect subjects, including Robert Mensah, Anthony Rice, Helen Nahrung, Martin Steinbauer, Brad Howlett, Brendan Murphy, Zoltan Lukacs, Tara Simmul, Luke Rapley and Marie Yee. As a result of his enthusiasm for his work and acute observation skills Vin is a fount of knowledge on a huge range of insects (both friend and foe) and is the go-to man for field work.  For the past six years of the current CRC, Vin assisted Jane Elek with the lethal trap tree project (subproject 4.2.9). We will miss Vin and wish him all the very best for his retirement.

Biobuzz issue fifteen, December 2011