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The Log - Issue Three -Program Three now finalising machine evaluation framework

Machine Evaluation Framework - Ernie Heidersdorf

Ernie Heidersdorf

Mauricio Acuna and visiting researcher Ernie Heidersdorf have proposed a standard harvesting machine evaluation framework for Australia and ultimately the Southern Hemisphere that targets both industry operations personnel and harvesting researchers. The objective is to define standard performance measures for better control and understanding of forest operations, permit the exchange of information on a common basis and allow for the pooling of data from different sources.

Elements of the proposed framework include forest work study terminology, standard measurement of operating conditions and parameters, standard forest work study methods, time models, standard measures of performance, and machine costing models. The framework is generally based on the standard used by the International Union of Forestry Research Organizations (IUFRO), but has been split into both detailed and operational elements to target different user needs and levels of detail required in data collection.

The draft framework was first presented during the CRC for Forestry’s Annual Science Meeting in Launceston in November 2008 and has since been validated with Program Three industry partners across Australia and with potential research partners from New Zealand, South Africa and South America where logging conditions and systems are similar to those in Australia. Based on the feedback received, the harvesting evaluation framework will be finalised in early 2009 and implemented with our CRC partners thereafter. To facilitate this implementation process, a toolbox of user-friendly protocols for time and motion studies is also being developed for use by field personnel.

Mauricio Acuna

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