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The Log issue one (November 2007)

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Research Programme Three: Harvesting and Operations
Issue one - November 2007 e-newsletter
The Log - practical forest harvesting improvements

Welcome and introduction

Welcome to the first newsletter of the CRC for Forestry’s Research Programme Three, Harvesting and Operations.

Our newsletters are produced to give team members across a very broad geographical region an opportunity to get to know one another and the activities that are being conducted within (and sometimes external to) the research programme; to keep you up to date with research progress; and to advise you of workshops, training sessions and other activities that may be of interest to you. You are invited to contribute to this process when you come across things worth sharing and, importantly, we invite you to provide feedback on the newsletters when they do or don’t meet your needs and how they could be improved. We see this two way process as an important communications tool.

The Harvesting and Operat­ions team is proud to have achieved three significant milestones recently:

  1. Our new Programme Leader Mark Brown (see profile below) has arrived and is settling in to his home in Ballarat, Victoria, and office at the Creswick Campus of the University of Melbourne

  2. Programme Advisor Loren Kellogg has settled into Hobart, Tasmania and the CRC Forestry office until January 2008; he will move to Victoria in January and have an office at the Creswick campus until July 2008.

  3. We have commenced and made good progress with our first significant field trial in Eden, New South Wales (see article below).

Mark’s first task was to finalise research documentation. In doing so, he has drawn together all the valuable input received from our industry partners and has drafted a strategic plan for the programme that he can now share with you (see link below).

As you are all aware, despite all the best intentions of all those involved, Harvesting and Operations had a rocky start. I doubt that anyone anticipated the difficulty we have had in filling our research scientist positions and good research can’t be done without good scientists. Despite our rocky start and our continued efforts to fill the position in WA, the Harvesting and Operations team is now well positioned to start making a valuable contribution to this important research area in Australia with direct benefits accruing to our industry partners in particular, and the Australian forest industry in general.

Thank you for you support and patience so far and we look forward to a productive association with you in the future.

Tom Fisk

Meet the Harvesting and Operations research team:

RP3 Team small Tom Fisk, Executive Programm­e Manager
Mark Brown, Programme Leader
Leon Bren, Associate Professor
Loren Kellogg, Professor and Programme Three Advisor
Martin Strandgard, Research Fellow
Mauricio Acuna, Research Fellow

Profile:  Mark Brown, Programme Leader

Mark-Brown-smallNew Programme Leader Mark Brown was professionally trained as a forest engineer and brings recent experience as a programme leader in transportation systems with the Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada.[read more]

Industry commentary
by Darrell Clark
Chair, Harvesting and Operations Programme Coordinating Committee; Gunns Limited

Darrell-Clark-smallWith the p­lantation estates continuing to expand, driving an increased demand for mechanisation, the timing of this new programme could not be better. Engagement with industry has been identified as a key issue. The CRC's engagement with industry is fostering strong two-way communication.[read more]

Strategic plan for Programme Three

The mission of Programme Three is to innovate and develop harvesting and operations with new knowledge, work methods, technology and tools through sound and practical research; and assist the Australian forest sector in its implementation to improve the safety, efficiency, effectiveness, environmental impact and overall competitiveness of their operations.  Research and implementation is grouped into the following six focus areas:

  • Harvesting technology and equipment
  • Harvesting systems, planning and procedures
  • Value recovery and waste reduction
  • Workforce management and training
  • Transportation technology and equipment
  • Transportation systems, planning and logistics
[read more]

Native forest regrowth thinning research

With a growing trend toward a significantly greater proportion of native forest regrowth thinning in many forested regions throughout Australia, Research Fellow Mauricio Acuna’s regrowth thinning, harvesting productivity and cost study in the Eden area of New South Wales is particularly relevant.[read more]

Harvesting workshops for the forest industry -
“Coupe/compartment level harvest planning skill development”
December, 2007

Loren Kellogg has developed a series of harvest planning workshops that will be presented with Oregon State University colleague John Sessions, and offered in Tasmania, Western Australia and South Australia.  A cable logging workshop will also be offered in Tasmania only.

The workshops will cover relevant topics that will contribute to skills development for harvesting planners, establishment foresters and conservation planners that are working in pine or eucalyptus plantations, or native forest regrowth thinning.  The workshops are also relevant for logging supervisors, and contractors working in either plantations or native forests.  Each workshop is either one or two days in duration and has been designed to minimise participant travel and time away from the job.  Early registration is open until 28 November.

Download the information sheets:­

Harvest planning workshop - December 2007

Cable logging workshop 7 December 2007

Research technical report summaries

A number of draft consultancy reports were completed during the first year of the programme. We are working on highlighting the results and disseminating this information through future technical reports, websites or newsletters for greater awareness and potential follow-up applications of this relevant work that has been completed to date. To view a list of the reports produced so far, and a summary of Technical Report No. 165 (“Growth in blue gum forest harvesting and haulage requirements in the Green Triangle 2007–2020”) click here

Programme Three in the field

The Programme Three research team has been busy meeting with members, planning field trials and new workshops; conducting harvesting productivity studies, and other activities. Find out more by viewing some photos