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New Mycosphaerella trial established in north-eastern Tasmania


From small things, big things grow.  The two trials established in 2006 in northwestern Tasmania were assessed for disease damage in November, 2008 in their second year of growth (see image, right).

A new field trial to study the susceptibility of Tasmanian blue gum (Eucalyptus globulus) to Mycosphaerella leaf disease was established at Gould's Country in north-eastern Tasmania in December 2008.  

One of the more heavily Mycosphaerella-damaged trees in the Salmon River trial in north-western Tasmania (photo: Paul Tilyard).

The trial was established in collaboration with Forestry Tasmania and was coordinated by Dean Williams.  Three hundred and thirteen families were planted for screening.  A component of these is in common with the four previous trials planted in north-western Tasmania in 2005 and 2006 (see images). ­Being in a different geographic and climatic area, the new trial will allow a better estimate of the stability of genetic differences in susceptibility this leaf disease. The trial also includes some shining gum (E. nitens) and E. globulus deployment seed lots as controls. This trial will be assessed for foliar damage in the late spring.


Biobuzz issue eight, March 2009