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BioBuzz 6 (August 2008)

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Issue six - August 2008 e-newsletter
BioBuzz - Biodiversity news

Hot spot - pheromone formula discovered to trap and monitor forest pest

A pheromone formulation to attract, trap and monitor a critical eucalypt plantation pest - the autumn gum moth - has been discovered by a non-CRC collaborative research project involving six CRC partners. The group is now in a position to explore the commercialisation of the formula and researchers are seeking new collaborative research projects [Read more...]

Industry perspective

"The CRC Biodiversity Project is a valued area of research that allows Timbercorp to improve and build on our knowledge base to ensure we meet our corporate environmental commitments and additional requirements under certification schemes. But industry’s interest and involvement is more than just that!" [Ben Bradshaw of Timbercorp shares his perspective...]

Melissa Gordon Timbercorp and Biodiversity Project Steering Committee

Meet new Biodiversity Project Steering Committee member Melissa Gordon.

[Read more...]

The CRC farewells Sean Riley (Forests and Forest Industry Council) from Project Four's Biodiversity and Communities project steering committees.

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What's on

What's been on

European sojourn

Paul Nevill, a PhD student at the University of Melbourne, recently returned from Europe where he attended the Systematics 2008 conference in Gottingen, Germany, and visited Remy Petit at INRA, Bordeaux, France.  Read more ...

CRC Biodiversity researcher contributes to 2020 Summit

Knowledge transfer is important for the future direction of rural industries and communities, says CRC researcher Dr Julianne O'Reilly-Wapstra went to the 2020 Summit to discuss how to increase and improve knowledge transfer and extension between researchers and industry partners.  Read more ...

Match this!

At the latest project steering committee meeting Sean Riley introduced a new innovation: forests on a match stick. Read more..

Old Forests, New Management 2008

Abstracts from the Old Forests, New Management conference, held in Hobart in February, are now available online.  Overviews and discussion of the conference can be found at IUFRO News 3, 2008 and FPA news, April 2008.

Eucalypts hit the airways! 

Scientists think they are doing well if they get an article in Nature or Science. Well, think of the readership that Ian Connellan received for his article 'Single Gum Theory' published in the June edition of the QANTAS In-flight magazine (pages 65-70).  Go on, give him a citation!

Odd spot

Yuppie eagles prefer designer real estate

Unique high-rise hybrid timber development, sheltered aspect, water views, outlook over reserve (never to be built out). Do we have any takers? Going, going, gone! To the bird with the big beak! Discover more ...

Subproject news

4.2.1 Biodiversity benefits of alternatives to clearfelling

4.2.2 Biodiversity outcomes from plantation expansion into agricultural and native forest landscapes

4.2.3 Biodiversity value of coarse woody debris

4.2.4 Tools for monitoring and assessing biodiversity

4.2.5 Management of forest species of high conservation significance, including threatened species

4.2.6 Management of the risk of gene flow from eucalypt plantations

4.2.7 Management of genetic resources

4.2.8 Integrated management of browsing mammals

4.2.9 Lethal trap trees

  • The Gonipterus weevil has invaded and become a serious pest of eucalypt plantations around the world. Jane Elek presented her findings on Gonipterus egg parasitism rates at the 23rd International Congress of Entomology in July.

4.2.10 Improving Mycosphaerella leaf disease resistance in Eucalyptus globulus

Snapshot 2008-07-04 11-01-21

4.4 Integrated Pest Management Group (Western Australia and Green Triangle)

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