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CRC for Forestry News - issue eight (February 2011)

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Issue eight- February 2011 e-newsletter
CRC for Forestry News - science for sustainable forest landscapes

From the CEO

Gordon DuffThe bid for extension funding for the CRC for Forestry is taking shape, with proposed research themes now available. The CRC has been consulting with potential partners to develop the bid and more details will be outlined at workshops in April. The outcome of the bid is likely to be known by the end of the year ... [read more]

Developing structural adjustment packages for the forest industry

forwarderThe Australian native forest industry continues to experience significant structural change resulting from reduced access to publicly owned forest resources, as well as changes to markets. A new report from the CRC for Forestry provides a comprehensive guide to the design and implementation of structural assistance packages in the Australian native forest industry ... [read more]

Landholder perceptions of tree planting for carbon sequestration

tree farmRecent years have seen rapid growth in tree planting for carbon sequestration in Australia to service carbon markets. New research from the CRC for Forestry has examined the views of landholders on such activity, and the results will be presented at a series of free seminars ...  [read more]

Free workshop series: Improving forest operations with onboard computer systems

FPdat onboard computerA small investment in specialised computer equipment can reap large rewards for forest managers and forest machine owners. A guide to selecting and implementing onboard computers has been developed by the CRC for Forestry and Forest and Wood Products Australia, and you’re invited to attend a free seminar to learn more … [read more]

Increasing resistance to pests and disease

Julianne-Justin-Hugh-thumbIncreasing the resistance of trees to attack by pests and diseases has important management and economic implications. Two separate CRC research projects in Tasmania are offering encouraging results that may help tree breeders decrease the vulnerability of stock to leaf disease and browsing mammals ... [read more]

Guidelines for mitigating the impacts on erosion and water quality from post-fire salvage harvesting

eroded hillslopeSalvage harvesting operations have increased in response to wildfires across south-eastern Australia, and present particular challenges for forest managers to mitigate impacts on erosion and water quality. The CRC for Forestry has developed best management practice guidelines to help ensure the impacts of fire on erosion and water quality are not exacerbated by the impact of harvesting ... [read more]

From science to practice—a CRC toolkit to help reduce costs and improve  efficiency

CRC logo - leavesForest management companies are being offered a ‘one stop shop’ for decision-support and forest modeling tools developed by the CRC for Forestry. The complete current suite of tools developed by the CRC is about to be made available through a simple device that fits in the palm of your hand ... [read more]

Tackling second rotation productivity issues in Western Australia

industry groupCollaboration may hold the key to improved understanding of how best to tackle second rotation productivity issues in eucalypt plantations in Western Australia. The CRC for Forestry is supporting ongoing cooperation between forest management companies in the West to pool their knowledge for collective benefit ... [read more]

Award funds will help researchers better understand the impacts on forest species of severe drought

Pat Mitchell The responses of commercially important tree species to extreme climatic events may be better understood as the result of a new project supported through a national science awards scheme. One result of the work is likely to be improved decision-making in forest resource planning ... [read more]

Getting research into action: Coming events and recent publications

publicationsFree public seminars on landholder perceptions of tree planting for carbon sinks are among coming events of interest, as well as a free workshop series on improving forest operations with onboard computer systems. A number of recent CRC for Forestry technical reports and research bulletins are now available ... [read more]