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CRC for Forestry News - issue nine (May 2011)

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Issue nine - May 2011
CRC for Forestry News - science for sustainable forest landscapes

From the CEO

Gordon DuffThe CRC for Forestry’s bid for extension funding enters a critical phase in coming weeks, with the first step in the formal assessment process. It’s a challenging and competitive process but after more than a year consulting with potential partners, we are confident our bid will be rated highly by the CRC committee ... [read more]

Processing plantation-grown eucalypt sawlogs—reviewing the latest research

quarter sawn boardsTasmanian sawmills may need to invest in modified machinery to be able to profitably process plantation-grown timber. A new report by the CRC for Forestry concludes that existing mills are poorly equipped to transition away from processing of native forest timber ... [read more]

Socioeconomic impacts of forest industry change

Radiata pine logs - bark thickness - thumbEarly findings from a study by CRC for Forestry researchers have shown forest industry businesses and workers in Tasmania will need a range of assistance to adjust to proposed fundamental change to the industry in that state. The research comes as parties in the forestry debate attempt to reach agreement on a phasing out of native forest harvesting in Tasmania ... [read more]

New community engagement handbook for forest managers

community engagementManaging community expectations and ensuring clear communication is an important part of modern forest management. A new publication from the CRC for Forestry offers a practical guide for forest managers on how to undertake effective community engagement ... [read more]

Computer on board—a CRC guide to enhancing forest machine efficiency

FPdat onboard computerAs forest operations have become increasingly mechanised over recent decades, they have also become more capital intensive and more complex to manage. The CRC for Forestry has produced a guide for Australian forest managers and machine owners, giving them information about onboard computers, designed to get expensive equipment working more effectively ... [read more]

Farmers uncertain on carbon storing

plantation communityMany Australian farmers are interested in planting trees for the purpose of carbon sequestration, but won’t invest in this activity until they are confident a stable market with reasonable return is in place. CRC for Forestry research, supported by Forest and Wood Products Australia, has explored farmers’ perceptions of the issues surrounding planting for carbon sequestration ... [read more]

Modelling tools assist in forest management

CABALA outputThe CRC for Forestry is offering an opportunity for forest managers to learn how to use powerful modelling tools to better predict forest growth. Developed in conjunction with CSIRO, the tools can offer guidance on likely plantation performance in areas where productivity data is not available .... [read more]

Generating renewable energy from forest residues—opportunities, challenges and the latest research

biomass harvesting image Bruks chipperAs Australia searches for alternatives to emission-intensive energy production, the CRC for Forestry is working with the forest and wood products sector to explore the potential for bioenergy generation from forest harvest residue. And we are looking to Europe and the United States to learn from experience there ... [read more]

CRC graduate returns to share expertise and experience working in Chile

Juan Carlos ValenciaThe value of investment in forest science students has been highlighted this month, with a visit to Australia by a CRC graduate, now working as a key figure in the Chilean government forestry organisation INFOR. The former student shared his experience working with eucalypt plantations in Chile, and this visit is likely to be the start of ongoing international collaboration ... [read more]

Recognition for CRC researchers


CRC for Forestry researcher Dr Geoff Downes has received international recognition for his work measuring and modelling the variability of wood properties. As well, three CRC students are sharing their research with peers in Australia and beyond ...

[read more]

Getting research into action—coming events and recent publications

publicationsA number of recent CRC for Forestry technical reports and research bulletins are now available including a handbook for operational community engagement in Australian plantation forestry, and a guide to selecting and implementing onboard computers in harvesting equipment ... [read more]