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Australian Forest Contractors Association

Welcome to AFCA

The Australian Forest Contractors Association LTD (AFCA) was established in 2002 to look after the interests of the harvesting and haulage contractors within the timber industry across Australia. At the time it was felt that there was a need to establish a national body which would facilitate their long term viability and welfare and this has continued to be the primary objective of the organisation throughout its life time.

AFCA was formed by a group of Timber Industry Harvesting and Haulage Contractors who were rallied together by Machinery Suppliers who kept seeing the potential demise of their clients as well as their parts accounts. The one glaring reality within our industry is that whilst the distance is great between the different states, Territorys and personalities the issues are essentially the same.

The strength of what we have been able to do is to create a national network of people in the same game with the same issues. Whilst the style, and machine mix of harvest and haul differs greatly, the crux of why we do what we do and the ideology of how we havest and haul is very similar. Therefore over the years we have been able to recongnise an issue in one area, and then introduce that person to another one in another part of the country that has just resolved the same problem. Remembering all the time that while collusion is illegal, the business of network is an amazing tool that is amazingly underutilized.

This website is about bringing all of these people together through the electronic medium and providing the very best in service and information for them.


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