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Vehicle Inspections

Information about (DIER endorsed) Approved Inspection Stations (for mechanically based inspections) and Approved Motor Body Repairer Inspection Stations (for structurally based inspections)


Dispute Resolution Policy

AIS Locations
Light Vehicles
Driving School Vehicles
Heavy Vehicles
Large Public Passenger Vehicles
Small Public Passenger Vehicles

Weighbridges Locations
List of weighbridge locations in Tasmania

Hoist Certification
Registered Plant inspectors with Workplace Standards Tasmania who can inspect and certify Vehicle Hoists

AIS Inspection Manuals 
Information on AIS Inspection Manuals

AIS Information
Information on newsletters , training , handbooks  and AIS Forms

Legal Requirements of a Vehicle Examiner, (PDF, 123KB)
, (Word)

Invitation, to apply for accreditation to become a Light Vehicle Approved Inspection Station, (PDF, 189KB)

Vehicle Examiners currently approved, (PDF, 337KB)  (Word, 151KB)

Are you checking your vehicle regularly, (PDF)

Are you checking your trailer regularly,(PDF, 166KB)

For vehicle modification information and applications please visit

Transport Enquiry Service 1300 851 225
Fax: 03) 6233 5210


Dispute Resolution Policy

As of 1 July 2012, it is strongly recommended that a repair diary is presented for ALL Repairable Write Off (RWO) vehicles which have been classified as a RWO after 1 July 2012 when presenting the vehicle for its Tier 1 and 3 inspections in Tasmania. Failure to present a repair diary after this date could result in the vehicle being failed for inspection.
If you would like to know whether your vehicle has been classified as a RWO, please feel free to contact AIS compliance on 6233 5403.

AMBRIS Locations
AMBRIS Locations

AMBRIS Inspection Manual
AMBRIS Manual, (PDF)

AMBRIS Information Documentation
Legal Requirements Handbook, (PDF) (Word)
To assist Motor Body Repairers (MBE) in understanding their legal responsibilities as a MBE.

Application to become an Approved Motor Body Repairer Inspection Station, (PDF)

Application to become an Approved Motor Body Repairer, (PDF),

AMBRIS bulletins/newsletters

Expression of Interest Approved Motor Body Repair Inspection Station, AMBRIS,(PDF)
Information Bulletin number 1, June 2012, (PDF)

Repair Diaries
Written-Off Vehicles Brochure, (PDF) , Repair Diary Brochure, (PDF, 455KB)

Repair Diary Policy
Repair Diary Policy, (PDF) (Word) , Sample Repair Diary,(PDF) (Word)

Repair Diary Reports
Supplementary Restraint System Report, (PDF) , Supplementary Restraint System Report, Write-Offs Vehicle Assessment Report, (PDF)

AIS Compliance (03) 6233 5403
Fax (03) 6233 5210


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Tasmanian Automobile Chamber of Commerce , Skills Institute , Workplace Standards Tasmania , Australian Government - Department of Infrastructure, and Transport