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Other Situations & Information

State government departments, authorities and local government

These organisations are not required to provide any proof of identity. Instead, they need to provide:

  • a letter on the organisations letterhead, OR
  • other evidence of the organisations legal status.

Agent or representative registering or transferring

Representatives or agents (usually motor vehicle dealers or family members) can register a vehicle on behalf of another person.
(Agents may also surrender a driver licence on behalf of another person and need to produce the documents in the first two dot points below.)

When registering a vehicle on behalf of another person the following documents are required:

  • provide current Tasmanian photo licence or Full Evidence of Identity (of the agent)
  • evidence that you are authorised to act on behalf of the person
  • provide current Tasmanian photo licence or Full Evidence of identity (of the new registered operator) unless the operator already has a record in the vehicle register
  • transfer of registration application signed by the new registered operator.

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney is a legal document authorising a person to act in the place of another person provided the document is registered with the Recorder of Titles. A person with Power of Attorney can sign for the person they represent.

A General Power of Attorney enables a person to act on any matter for the authorising person, for example, a person going away for a year may give a relative or friend Power of Attorney to conduct business and sign all documents while the person is away. A Specific Power of Attorney enables a person to act only in a specific matter, for example to register a vehicle.

Before processing transactions for a person with Power of Attorney, a Customer Service Officer should see:

  • the registered Power of Attorney document, and
  • evidence of identity for that attorney.

There is no standard form for a Power of Attorney with the exception of the authentication marks issued by the Recorder of Titles. To be legally acceptable for registration and licensing business a Power of Attorney document must contain:

  • an authorisation stamp, registration number and signature issued by the Recorder of Titles with the registration number printed on each page of the document
  • the name the of the person giving the power
  • the name of the person appointed
  • a description of the powers given
  • the signature of the person giving the power
  • the signature of a witness.

Leasing or fleet management companies

If a vehicle is leased or part of a fleet, the leasing or fleet management company must sight the client's proof of identity, age and addresses and provide the vehicle details on the order form they send to the dealer. The leasing or fleet management company's authorisation to act on behalf of the client is printed on the order form.

These transactions are undertaken by the Registration and Licensing Branch in Hobart.

Dealer registration scheme

Dealers in the Dealer Registration Scheme must check their clients identity on behalf of the Registrar of Motor Vehicles when arranging registration. Dealers have up to three nominated staff members whose duties include completing application for registration forms for clients and checking proof of identity, age and addresses.

To be authorised for these tasks, a nominated person must:

  • fill in and sign and Application for Approval as an Authorised Representative
  • produce evidence of identity
  • provide a sample signature.

These transactions are undertaken by the Registration and Licensing Branch in Hobart.

Change of addresses

Evidence of identity and addresses are not required for changes to the address of existing licence holders and existing registered operators of vehicles.
Evidence of garage address is required for changes to the garage address of a vehicle.

Change of designated operator

If you are one of the two (joint) registered operators of a vehicle you can change the designated operator of that vehicle at any time. To change the designated operator contact 1300 851 225 and providing we have an individual record of the new designated operator on the register (Motor Registry System), the designated operator will be changed. 

Alternatively you can fill in the Nomination of Designated Operator Form and mail to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles, GPO Box 1002 Hobart Tas 7001.

If the new designated operator does not have an individual record on the register, the designated operator will not be changed until Full Evidence of Identity has been provided to a Service Tasmania shop or a designated police station.

Deceased persons

The Registrar is notified of a client's death in one of two ways:

  • by notification from the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages on a copy of the death certificate;
  • by notification from the executor of the estate or a relative.

A refund of the licence fee is sent to the deceased client's estate. A refund that is below $10.00 will not be made because of the administration cost to the department.