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Sawmillers Exit Package

In September 2012, The Tasmanian and Commonwealth Governments agreed to implement the Tasmanian Native Forest High Quality Sawlog Contract Voluntary Buyback Program under the Tasmanian Forests Intergovernmental Agreement to enable sawmillers that hold contracts for high-quality (Category 1 and 3) sawlogs with Forestry Tasmania to voluntarily surrender all or part of their minimum contracted volume in accordance with arrangements to be negotiated with the Tasmanian Government.

The initial call for proposals under this program closed on Friday 28 September.

Information drawn from these proposals has been collated into a summary report under the guidance of a probity auditor and will be made available to the Signatories on a confidential basis to inform their final negotiations when next they meet.

It is currently intended that when the Signatories reach a final agreement that is in line with the Tasmanian Forests Agreement and accepted by both the Tasmanian and Commonwealth Governments, selected Eligible Sawmillers that have provided proposals will be invited to submit final proposals and negotiations will then occur with a view to formal legal contracts being agreed to exit the agreed volumes.

A a copy of the guidelines for the program can still be viewed at the link below.

TFA – Tasmanian Native forest Sawlog Contract Voluntary Buyback Program [PDF]

A second program, which is intended to provide assistance to smaller regional sawmillers who wish to voluntarily exit the industry will be available shortly.

If you have already registered an interest in the regional exit package then you will be notified automatically as soon as details are confirmed.  Interested applicants who wish to register their interest in receiving the programs guidelines can contact Alanna Jackman on 6233 8677 or Alanna.Jackman@dier.tas.gov.au and leave their details.