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What is Stage 1

What is the Stage 1 Background Report?
This is the first of three reports that will comprise the Business Case for light rail in Hobart's Northern Suburbs. This report discusses current transport problems in Hobart and looks at why light rail should be considered as one of the solutions to those problems.

What does it say?
The Report confirms that further analysis should be undertaken to determine the viability of a rail service between the Hobart Waterfront and Claremont. The Report recommends that a rail service beyond Claremont should not be considered at this stage, due to the high cost of establishing and operating the service, and the likely low patronage levels.

What happens next?
Engineering consultants, Hyder, are responsible for the second stage of the project, which will look at operational matters such as track condition, rail safety, service frequencies and rolling stock. Following completion of this work, Hyder will make its recommendations on the best service model for a northern suburbs rail service. Based on the recommendations from Stage 1, Hyder will only look at options for a rail service operating between Hobart and Claremont.

Can I make a submission on the Stage 1 Report?
There is no formal process for making submissions on the Stage 1 Report. However, you are welcome to provide any feedback. Please contact Peter Kruup on 6233 5485.

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